October 25-28 2018.

Lost Acres Resort

Pennington, MN 


522 Beltrami Ave. Bemidji, MN 56601          218-368-4422              lizpotter31@hotmail.com


I went to Liz with no real expectations on what to expect, since I had never been to a medium before. I did receive messages from a couple relatives. Liz relayed things that  I could confirm immediately. The meaning of other messages became clear after my session. 

One of the last things I was told that night, was that I was allergic to cocoa powder. I was not expecting that message and did not want to believe it! Liz asked if I was suffering from fogginess in the brain, difficulty in concentrating, feeling tired all the time and had trouble sleeping. I answered yes to all. 

She told me to try going without it for a few weeks and I would be feeling better. 

Welll, I left that night thinking I'd try it, but was sure she misunderstood the message on this. Was I wrong! Not even two weeks of not having any cocoa powder, my head was clear, I had no trouble focusing on work, I didn't feel as exhausted all the time and I was sleeping through the night. I will now have an occasional cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate protein shake, but limit it to only once or twice a week. 

Thanks to Liz and my great grandma, I feel so much better! A.W Bemidji, MN 

Liz is passionately dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for you to journey inward. 

Through spirit readings, energy healing and mentoring, Liz has helped hundreds of clients grow and evolve into their authentic selves. 

"It is an honor to be able to help my clients expand their awareness and begin to sit comfortably in their own personal power.

Whether it's through a spirit reading or a Reiki session, I get the privilege of seeing the sparkle return to my clients' eyes. That is something I will never take for granted."

​​​Liz Potter Spirit Medium and Energy Healer