A session with Liz

Liz Potter Spirit Medium​ 

Liz specializes in helping you through your spiritual journey. 

Whether through understanding yourself ( or a child)  as an ( Starseed) Empath, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or Diamond energy.   Starseed Consultation / Coaching. 

Or, through healing the hurt and pain of a significant loss.  Spirit Reading. Readings can also connect you to Ascended Masters, Guides, Past life or Parallel life connections, Angels etc... 

Additionally through Intuitive Healings, Liz helps lead you closer to the realization of how powerful you are in your own healing.  Helping you see and experience the connection between energy health and physical health.  Intuitive Healing 

Updated: December 2020.  Due to COVID restrictions, All sessions are done remotely or via distance options.  Phone call, Zoom link or Doxy.me link.  

***Please note that the times offered are in Central Time Zone.  If you live in a different time zone please adjust for that.